How to Order Delivery

A decorative illustration to represent a delivery order delivery from Woosh

It’s easy to order delivery with Woosh.  Simply place your order with the business of your choice and enter the details on our order form here.  We’ll then go get it and you can relax — leaving the traffic, long lines, and all the social distancing hassles to us! 

Restaurant Deliveries

You can now get delivery from any restaurant in Wooster and Orrville.  Woosh makes it easy and affordable. 

  1. Place your carryout order with any restaurant in town. 
  2. Fill out our delivery form here and we’ll go get it for you

Fast Food Deliveries

We can deliver from any fast food place in Wayne County. Woosh makes it easy and affordable

  1. Place on online order with any fast food joint in town (except McDonald’s)
  2. Alternatively, you can place your order directly with us (we have to wait in the drive thru lane anyway)
  3. Fill out our delivery form here and we’ll go get it for you.

Grocery Deliveries

We can deliver groceries from Buehler’s in Wooster, Medina, Orrville, Wadsworth, and Canton easily and affordably.

  1. Place your order online at
  2. Select Delivery at checkout and Buehler’s will notify us of the delivery time.

Other Deliveries

Deliveries from pharmacies, pet stores, auto parts, convenience stores, liquor stores. etc. are now easy and affordable.

  1. Call any business to place your order, and let them know that Woosh will pick it up.
  2. Pay for your order then, if required.
  3. Fill out our order for here, and we’ll go pick it up.  

How to pay for your order

Some businesses will require you to pay for your orders at the time you place them.  Others won’t. 

If you don’t pay for your order in advance, we can pay for it for you, and we’ll add a 16.5% convenience fee to the cost of your order, before adding our delivery fee.

How to pay for delivery

We accept cash and credit/debit cards for delivery fees and driver tips.

Our delivery fees are based on the number of stops you tell us to make, and the mileage required to deliver your order. 

You can see our full schedule of delivery fees here

Order your delivery here

We make deliveries Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM