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Our delivery fees are based on the actual number of miles we drive from the pickup location you choose to your delivery address.

The delivery fee is calculated using the FASTEST route from pick-up to drop-off.

*We do not accept $100 bills* Drivers also do not carry more than $10 in change for safety reasons.

All College of Wooster students and staff receive a $4 flat delivery fee. Service fee still included if we purchase the items.

0 to 5.0 miles


Includes one stop, pickup and delivery

5.1-10 miles


Includes one stop, pickup and delivery

10.1-15 miles


Includes one stop, pickup and delivery

15.1-20 miles


Includes one stop, pickup and delivery

Additional Stops: $2 each

Our delivery fees above include one stop at one pickup location, and one delivery to one address. We can make additional stops and pickups for $2 each, plus mileage.

Tips Appreciated

Woosh delivery drivers work for tips, and they make deliveries in all kinds of weather conditions, every day of the week.  Your generous tips are much appreciated.

16.5% convienence fee to pay for your order

Some restaurants and other businesses will require you to pay for your food or merchandise orders at the time you place them, and others won’t. 

If you don’t pay for your order in advance, we can pay for it for you, and we’ll add a 16.5% convenience fee to the cost of your order.

Order your delivery here

We make deliveries Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM